Policy, procedure, certification and compliance document management systems and solutions for schools

SDS Chapter & Verse in Schools

As a secondary school, you have a requirement to keep up-to-date all relevant and required certification, compliance, policy and procedure documents. Chapter & Verse is a comprehensive yet flexible bespoke document management system to you help achieve this.

Chapter & Verse offers a secure, cost-effective, web-based solution to the management and storage of all of your school's essential documentation policies and other essential information.

Features include:

  • Traffic light system to show status of document (expired, close to expiry/review, in date etc )
  • Completely customisable interface and 'switchboard'
  • Event management modules and workflows
  • Full reporting
  • Author and owner control
  • Full audit trail at every level and status
  • Multiple access levels by role (student, parent, director, etc.)
  • Security status for each document
  • Developed using Microsoft development suites
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer 6 and upwards
Viewing the school's Safeguarding & Welfare of Children Policies in Chapter & Verse Viewing the school's Safeguarding & Welfare of Children Policies in Chapter & Verse
Example Policy Categorisation

Typical policy sections might include the following, but the precise categorisation is fully customisable to meet your particular requirements:

  • Safeguarding & Welfare of Children Policies
  • School Inspection Policies
  • School Health & Safety Policies
  • School Improvement Policies
  • School Curriculum Policies - General
  • School Community Policies
  • School Environmental Policies
  • School Finance Policies
  • General School Policies
  • School Governors Policies
  • School Parents Policies
  • School Premises Policies
  • School Pupils Policies
  • School Staff Policies
  • School Educational Needs Policies

To take an example from a lower level of organisation, the Safeguarding & Welfare of Children Policies might typically contain entries such as this selection:

  • Anti-bullying
  • Anti-cyberbullying
  • CYBE Safety Advice for Pupils
  • Education Visits Parental Consent Form F104 (print version)
  • Child Protection Procedures
  • WBS Offsite Educational Visits Policy Document v.3
  • Administration of Medicines Policy
  • Administration of Pupil's Own Prescribed Medication v.2
  • Anaphylaxix-Epipen Policy
  • Appendix E to First Aid Policy
  • First Aid Policy v.2
  • Head and Neck Injury Policy 2011
  • Homely Remedy - Paracetomol v.2
  • Homely Remedy - Piriton v.2
  • Homely Remedy Protocol - Magnesium Hydroxide v.2
  • Homely Remedy Protocol - Simple Linctus BP v.2